Drought and water crisis

Together against drought! BIOBOX’s contribution to the fight against the water crisis

More and more regions of the world are facing problems of water scarcity and prolonged droughts. As climate change progresses and the global average temperature rises, water availability becomes an increasingly scarce and valuable resource. Faced with this reality, we must take urgent and responsible measures to address the water crisis. At BIOBOX we have launched a campaign to raise awareness, promote individual action and support the development of new environmentally sustainable technologies that contribute to the preservation of this vital natural resource.

Raising awareness about the water crisis

Our first line of action focuses on public awareness about the importance of preserving water. Therefore, we actively participate in several sustainable initiatives every year, such as the “EU Green Week” organized by the European Union, the “10 + 10 Business Examples for the Climate” event by ECODES, and the United Nations World Water Day. Through these platforms, we disseminate information about the consequences of water scarcity and the need to adopt environmentally responsible practices. In addition, we go a step further and work to promote our internal campaign #valueeverydrop, which aims to raise awareness and inform people about how each individual can make a difference in water conservation. We firmly believe that awareness is the first step to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

“The number and duration of droughts have increased by 29% since 2000”

United Nations

Actions for water preservation

Awareness must be followed by concrete actions. Small changes in our daily habits, such as reducing shower time, fixing leaks, making an appropriate and responsible use of water in our homes or collecting rainwater for irrigation, have a collective impact. At BIOBOX, in addition to promoting individual action, we provide equipment so that companies or public water management agencies have sustainable cutting-edge technology that allows efficient, cost-effective and accessible to all types of businesses.

Support for sustainable water treatment technologies

At BIOBOX, we believe that technology is a key tool for efficient and sustainable water use. We work in collaboration with, the advanced engineering laboratory of INGEOBRAS, to develop proprietary water treatment technologies. These technologies have received recognition from prestigious regional, national and European institutions and have been successfully implemented in several pioneering projects. Our objective is to provide companies and public water management bodies with advanced and cost-effective solutions that guarantee optimal water treatment for each situation, thus reducing waste and optimizing water consumption.

BIOBOX Product: Compact water treatment plants

A clear demonstration of our dedication to addressing the water crisis is our BIOBOX water treatment plants. Specially designed for small and medium flows, they fill a gap in the market, bringing the most innovative technologies to these segments that previously lacked viable options.

BIOBOX plants are prefabricated solutions, completely automated, and presented in a plug&play “smart machine” format. With a total of 9 solutions focused on the removal of various contaminants in drinking and wastewater, as well as a specific line for water reuse, our plants contribute significantly to the preservation and responsible use of water.

Collaboration for a water-sustainable future

At BIOBOX, we believe that collaboration and knowledge transfer with research and technological centers and companies are key to facing this global challenge. We have established strategic alliances with other organizations, governmental institutions, and companies that share our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Through these collaborations, we seek to strengthen our innovation capacity and share knowledge to develop even more effective and scalable solutions. We know that only by working together can we successfully tackle the challenges presented by the water crisis.

Contributing to positive change

In summary, at BIOBOX, we are not only aware of the seriousness of the water crisis, but we are also taking concrete actions to improve the situation. From raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices to bringing advanced and disruptive compact water treatment technologies to the market, we are committed to being part of the solution. Along with our partners and clients, we tirelessly work to build a water-sustainable future. Join us on this important mission!