Using proprietary technology , we create Plug & Play containerized plants, fully automated and with lower operating and investment costs. Unlike membrane technologies, they avoid the generation of concentrated rejects .

The benefits of biobox

There are many suppliers of membrane solutions (RO, Ultrafiltration) in containers. 

However, with BIOBOX we propose a disruptive approach to the classic compact solution, in order to solve the limitations of these technologies; high process costs or rejections of concentrated contaminants, which are difficult to manage.

Quick construction

We minimize execution and start-up times. We reduce the investment costs of the solution as a whole, in addition to avoiding civil works.


The plant can be visualized and controlled in real time from any device with an internet connection. It is a completely autonomous technology that has a messaging alert system that notifies operating staff of any need.

100% Automated Plug & Play Plants

The plants are delivered pre-assembled and completely finished, ready for start-up.
Thanks to their automation and sensors, all key parameters are monitored. This facilitates self-management, optimizes resources, avoids potential problems and achieves continuous improvement. All this results in minimal intervention by operating staff.

Less space required

One of the premises of our proprietary technologies involves the use of a much smaller surface area than other technologies on the market. This also leads to lower operating and investment costs.

Sustainable proprietary technology

We provide all types of companies with advanced technology whose alternatives are only available to large plants and investors.
Our processes are clean and safe for the environment.

More than 25 years of experience

We are experts in water treatment for 25 years. We create tailor-made designs based on both our experience and massive digital data collection from our operating plants. We use a big-data and smartwater approach. This, allows us to make new optimized, very robust and highly competitive designs.

Our technology does not generate concentrated rejects, which are difficult to manage.
The cheapest cost per m3 on the market.
We simplify the treatment of challenging water.
We provide quick solutions for urgent needs.
We solve specific problems with a scientific approach, generating technical knowledge and validating it in real cases. A continuous improvement process.
We significantly reduce the necessary treatment surface.
Sensorization allows us to generate massive amounts of data, which makes future designs more robust.
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Our products focus on water

BIOBOX technology has been implemented to address 10 types of contaminants in drinking water, urban wastewater and industrial water.

The systems are modular, combinable and it is possible to scale the solution for different flow rates and contaminant concentrations.

They can also work in combination with existing infrastructures, optimizing them, enhancing their capacity or acting as tertiary treatment.





Organic matter


Heavy metals

BIOBOX Fósforo



Combined contaminants

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Frequently Asked Questions

BIOBOX plants with modular system can be adapted to all types of customers. From small to medium sized companies that need several containers operating in parallel.  We also work in municipal water treatment with an integral cycle approach; potabilization, purification and reuse.

Of course, for combined contaminant matrices it is possible to integrate different BIOBOX solutions. Depending on the flow rate to be treated and the concentration, it is possible to consider a solution with a single container (and two integrated BIOBOX technologies) or two containers (operating in series with separate BIOBOX technologies). All our designs are tailor-made according to requirements and with the premise of minimizing operating and investment costs.

Yes, for us it is essential to have a very precise characterization of the water to be treated. In this way we guarantee an optimal treatment both in terms of process and costs.

The company has an additional service that allows the analysis of samples in our laboratory and/or a follow-up in order to carry out an analytical and gauging campaign.

Likewise, and when the case requires it, it is possible to carry out in our laboratory a pilot test of the water to be treated in order to validate the plant engineering and the process costs.

Thanks to sensorization, the plant can be configured to send different types of alerts. For example, when more consumables need to be replenished or when the parameters of a key variable exceed established limits. It is a very convenient system that considerably reduces the reaction time of the operating staff.

We do, we guarantee compliance. We always design conservatively, optimizing investment costs, but focused on meeting the required quality objectives. This is our basic premise and our commitment.

The start-up of a new system is not complete until the required output quality is achieved. With complex waters – and with a guaranteeing approach – we can propose a first pilot phase.

We have 3 pilot plants adaptable to different types of water and different treatment processes. We make them available to our customers all over the world.

The objective of these pilots is double; on the one hand to validate in situ the effectiveness of the treatment and on the other hand to accurately determine the operating costs of the process (energy, reagents…). The recommended piloting time is 4 to 10 weeks.

In addition, and if the case requires it, it is possible to synthesize the raw water to be treated and to carry out tests at laboratory scale.

We try to design our biological treatments to work as continuously as possible, because this is the most efficient way to operate. In any case, biological systems allow stops of hours, or even days, without any type of contraindication.

When we design biological treatment lines, for systems that operate discontinuously, we usually propose the construction of a buffer tank – which are filled with the contaminated raw water – and which allow constant recirculation to our treatment plant. This approach achieves maximum productivity of the biological and also a smaller plant design, since it is adapted to a low average flow rate, which minimizes the investment cost.

Our services offered are:

  • Customized solution design based on concentrations, flow rates, space requirements, local regulations and availability of reagents.
  • Manufacturing of the BIOBOX solution and transport to destination.
  • On-site installation, connections (water, electricity) and start-up..
  • Knowledge transfer for O&M.
  • Remote follow-up and advice.
  • BIOBOX plant leasing/renting contract.

Our industries

Some of the industries we have worked with and the problems they are facing




Wastewater (urban)


Chemical and metallurgical


Agricultural industries


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