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Heavy metals

Plug and Play plants for heavy metal removal in wastewater. Turnkey projects. Download the presentation with all the detailed information about the technology.

Proprietary technology

BIOBOX® Heavy Metals integrates an effective adsorption treatment without prior water conditioning or the use of chemicals. It is a highly durable technology due to the large surface area of the material, which generates a large isotherm.

We are able to remove metals such as: Chromium, Zinc, Cadmium, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Copper or Nickel.

Type of Treatment

Removal of heavy metals in wastewater:

Advantages of BIOBOX compact plants for the biological removal of heavy metals from water

0 m3/day

m3 treated with BIOBOX

0 Thousands of m3

Water savings compared to the use of membranes

0 MWh

Energy savings compared to the use of membranes

0 Tons

CO2 not emitted

Tailor-made your needs

Download the presentation with more detailed information of the technology

Heavy metal removal projects

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