What is Biobox?

Investment in R&D&I

BIOBOX is the result of hard work in research, development and innovation backed by years of experience and lessons learned.

BIOBOX’s philosophy is focused on making the most advanced technology available to customers with medium to low flow rates, democratizing access to solutions that were only available to large plants. Its focus is on providing customized, cost-effective and efficient solutions in a minimum footprint.

BIOBOX plants use proprietary technology that ensures effective contaminant removal and comply with the strictest water treatment standards and regulations. They are fully automated and can be monitored and controlled remotely, without constant operating personnel at the plant, which optimizes resources and ensures reliable and efficient operation.

Reduced space requirements




BIOBOX Design Premises

The BIOBOX design is based on technical applicability, cost-effectiveness and plant sustainability as key factors.

The basic premise for the development of each BIOBOX technology is to work with lower operating costs than existing alternatives, also adjusting investment costs as much as possible.

The plants integrate top quality equipment from the best companies in the market. Working with this equipment, designed under very strict quality standards, allows us to guarantee the quality of the operational service. As well as eliminating inefficiencies, optimizing the process and reducing the associated operating costs.

In addition, the filter media used in these plants is based on the excellent properties of Saint Gobain’s Filtralite® filter media portfolio.

Filtralite® filter media allows filtration processes at rates between 30%-100% higher than traditional filter media. It reduces washings by more than 60% and biofiltration processes with ultra-reduced contact times, thanks to its enormous porosity and large specific surface area.

The design objective is to make the plant a completely autonomous system, with self-management and on-line remote control capabilities. Unlike conventional water treatment plants, which are highly dependent on human action, BIOBOX plants are based on sensor technology. They track and record the values of key parameters, allowing their visualization in real time and in history from any device with internet connection.

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who are we?

BIOBOX® business model belongs to the company BIOBOX Water S.L. but is supported by Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L.

Ingeobras is an engineering company that works from traditional engineering to advanced engineering. It carries out projects related to: Water Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering and Construction of Special Structures.

It is a company with a proven track record of more than 15 years providing added value and new solutions both nationally and internationally.

BIOBOX® systems are designed from concept to detail by the Ingeobras technical team.

The company Ingeobras introduced an intensive focus on R&D in 2014, betting on the development of proprietary innovative technologies for the treatment of drinking water and urban and industrial wastewater.

It currently has its own advanced engineering laboratory (called This is an innovation and development center where it studies how to deal with each problem from its laboratory-based origin to reach a feasible industrial-scale solution.

All BIOBOX systems are equipped with these innovative advanced technologies of recognized quality and much more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable than current solutions available on the market.

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We have in-depth knowledge of the complete water cycle and extensive experience in this sector. We know how to respond to unforeseen events.


We are a company fully committed to each project. We study each case to offer the optimal solution. The products we offer guarantee the highest quality and viability.


We are honest, transparent and accessible. The satisfaction of our clients is the success of our work.


We always strive for continuous improvement down to the smallest detail.


We work with ethical principles. We always seek to live and work with effort, responsibility, respect, integrity and simplicity.
Our technologies are respectful of the environment and sustainable growth.

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