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what is BIOBOX?

En BIOBOX Water S.L. somos una empresa líder en el diseño y fabricación de plantas compactas y automatizadas para el tratamiento de agua potable, residual y reutilización. Con tecnologías innovadoras propias, acercamos la tecnología más avanzada a pequeños y medianos caudales, ofreciendo soluciones antes solo estaban disponibles para grandes plantas.

Nuestros equipos robustos y confiables, diseñados bajo altos estándares de calidad, permiten un control remoto total, reduciendo costes y optimizando recursos.

Nos enorgullecemos de nuestro compromiso con la acción climática, empleando tecnologías sostenibles en nuestros productos.


Unlike other suppliers of compact plants, which are merely assemblers of traditional technology, BIOBOX offers unique customized solutions.

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Xylem water solutions

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XYLEM is a global leader in water technology, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and servicing of water treatment equipment and systems. XYLEM is dedicated to addressing the most pressing water-related challenges, including its transportation, treatment, analysis, and efficient use.

The company offers a wide range of solutions and products for the water cycle, including pumps, pumping systems, wastewater treatment systems, water purification equipment, irrigation systems, instrumentation and control, and related services.

The strategic alliance between BIOBOX and XYLEM represents a powerful merger of leading brands in products, water treatment expertise, engineering, and digitalization, backed by a strong legacy of innovation. This approach enables BIOBOX to reach its full potential, making it a leading solution in the current market.


AC. de Belfast, 25, 28022 Madrid


XYLEM office +34 902 160 652

Carlos de Juan Álvarez +34 671 775 821

great benefits

Having the support of a world leading supplier of water treatment products, cutting-edge technologies and services such as XYLEM allows access to first-class brands and comprehensive services, raising the quality of BIOBOX plants to the highest level.

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Quality assurance

Xylem is known for providing high-quality products and for its expertise in innovative water technologies and solutions. BIOBOX and Xylem combine their knowledge and experiences to offer unique products in the market.

Xylem y BIOBOX - Plantas de tratamiento de agua en España y Portugal

Contact from Spain

BIOBOX customers will be assisted by water treatment experts located in Spain with the ability to respond promptly to any needs.

Mantenimeinto Xylem Water Solutions

complete solutions

Xylem is the ideal partner to offer maintenance services for BIOBOX plants and the equipment they integrate.

Our products

In collaboration with XYLEM, we have decided to invest in and prioritize the implementation of the nitrate removal solution for both drinking and wastewater. As we progress, we intend to gradually expand our available solutions catalog. This will enable us to provide a variety of options and address other issues related to water treatment.

BIOBOX® Nitrates incorporates a patented technology, certified by SGS, called Puremust-SN, which biologically converts nitrates into harmless nitrogen gas, completely eliminating the contaminant without harmful byproducts. This solution has already received approval from health authorities in several installations.


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