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what is BIOBOX?

BIOBOX Water S.L. is a leading company in designing and manufacturing compact and automated plants for the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and reuse. With our own innovative technologies, we bring the most advanced technology to small and medium flows, offering solutions previously only available for large plants.

Our robust and reliable equipment, designed under high quality standards, allows total remote control, reducing costs and optimizing resources.

We are proud of our commitment to climate action, employing sustainable technologies in our products.

Why are we different?

Unlike other suppliers of compact plants, which are merely assemblers of traditional technology, BIOBOX offers unique customized solutions.

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BIOBOX / Optimos Group

Horizon4 Powered by BIOBOX logo

Together with Optimos Group, the brand “Horizon4 Powered by BIOBOX” has been created to introduce the BIOBOX product to the Oceania market.

Optimos Group is a company based in Melbourne, Australia and Mana, New Zealand.

The company is focused on providing state-of-the-art solutions to improve water safety, delivering high quality products and services to municipal, commercial and industrial customers.

Their approach involves online remote monitoring technologies for water quality and associated parameters, tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

In addition, they offer a variety of complementary services, from process management to data analysis and system maintenance.

The strategic alliance between BIOBOX and Optimos Group provides customers in the Oceania region with a trusted local reference, who is in continuous contact with BIOBOX’s technical and commercial team.

This agreement extends to the countries of: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa.
Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau.


PO Box 1237. Hawksburn Vic 3142 Australia

99 The Esplanade Mana, PORIRUA 5026 New Zealand


+61 409 359 155 Australia 

+64 21 663 366 New Zealand

Great benefits

Having the support of a local partner is essential and brings significant advantages to our customers in Oceania.

Local knowledge and experience

Optimos Group is specialized in water analysis and measurement solutions, has a great technical experience and a solid background in water treatment. They are well versed in Oceania’s regulations and standards for water treatment systems. Their support is essential for BIOBOX.

Horizon4 Powered by BIOBOX

Customer service from Oceania

For our customers, the availability of a local contact and the possibility to quickly access efficient and close technical support is of vital importance. This represents an important added value and a guarantee that Optimos Group experts specialized in BIOBOX can act quickly or be present on site in case of any need.

Strategic agreement

Thanks to this agreement, we can offer a very innovative solution that brings great value to the market. All products are environmentally sustainable.

Our Products

In oceania, we have decided to invest in and prioritize the implementation of the nitrate removal solution for wastewater. We are currently initiating a pilot program aimed at successfully demonstrating the effectiveness of the technology and obtaining validation from local authorities as an effective, safe and sustainable technology.

As we move forward, we intend to integrate the BIOBOX Nitrates product into the market and gradually expand our range of available solutions. This will enable us to offer a variety of options and address other challenges related to water treatment.

BIOBOX® Nitrates incorporates a proprietary technology called Puremust-SN, patented and certified by SGS. This technology biologically transforms nitrates into harmless nitrogen gas, completely eliminating the contaminant without generating any pollutant by-products. This solution is endorsed by Spanish local authorities and has been demonstrated through real success stories in projects around the world.

The name under which BIOBOX will be marketed in the Oceania region will be “Horizon4 powered by BIOBOX”.


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