World water Day 2023 BIOBOX

BIOBOX, prefabricated compact water treatment plants for small and medium flow rates | World Water Day

BIOBOX® joins the “Accelerate Change” campaign for World Water Day. An initiative that aims to raise awareness of the need for efficient water management.

March 22nd, World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22 to raise awareness of the importance of this essential resource for the well-being of society and ecosystems.

Today, we are facing a water crisis. Therefore, this initiative encourages society to take action and take measures in their own lives that contribute to an efficient management of this resource. Individually they are small actions, but together they make a big change. It all adds up, so in addition to individual actions, it is necessary for companies to have a viable solution that allows them to manage water efficiently and treat wastewater correctly, in a clean and sustainable way.

World Water Day (Source: BIOBOX)

What is our contribution? – BIOBOX

BIOBOXWATER S.L. is a company that designs, builds and installs compact water treatment plants, prefabricated and created specifically for small and medium flows.

The company’s objective and philosophy is based on making advanced technologies available to these companies, whose alternatives are only available for large plants and investments.

Our contribution to curb this situation is based on providing a technically and economically viable solution so that small and medium-sized flows can afford to treat water through clean and environmentally safe processes.

Says Sofía Quintana, Marketing Manager of BIOBOX®.

These products represent a great added value to the consumer as they are fully automated plants with sensor equipment that constantly monitors key parameters. This is a major breakthrough as it facilitates self-management with minimal intervention of operating personnel, optimizes resources, avoids potential problems and achieves continuous improvement.

What makes us more special as a company is that we have the support of Ingeniería de Obras Zaragoza S.L., an engineering company that has an advanced engineering laboratory ( where it develops its own innovative water treatment technologies. That is to say, in BIOBOX® we are able to cover the complete process, from the design phase of the solution, analysis of the water to be treated, development of technologies and specific solutions to the manufacturing of the plant, transport to destination and start-up.

Sofia Quintana emphasizes

BIOBOX® has much to contribute to the water industry as its plants not only maximize positive impacts but also prevent, mitigate, restore and compensate for negative ones.

The disruptive company is well aware that the water treatment market is growing and demands increasingly sophisticated, sustainable and efficient technical solutions.

"We are already part of the change, how about you? will you join?" BIOBOX®.

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