Start-up of the BIOBOX Nitrate demonstration plant in Gilbert, Arizona (USA).

BIOBOX Nitrate’s cutting-edge technology has achieved a significant milestone with the successful initiation of its inaugural demonstration in the United States.

BIOBOX Nitrate in Gilbert:

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, the demonstration plant is the result of a collaboration between AMS, the Town of Gilbert and BIOBOX.

The initiative, which had its first discussions in mid-2022, has materialized with the commissioning of the plant which will be operational for a period of three months. The Gilbert Water Department has facilitated the conditions to carry out the demonstration at Well 22 in the town, demonstrating significant interest in the BIOBOX Nitrate technology.

Housed in a 20-foot container, the demonstration plant is equipped with advanced, fully automated technology and remote access, marking a revolutionary advancement in biological nitrate treatment. With a maximum treatment capacity of 2 m3/h, the plant ensures nitrate removal in strict compliance with sanitary regulations. It also introduces an innovative system for water reuse in washing, adhering to quality standards for both treated and raw water.

Joaquín Murría Martín, representative of BIOBOX, expressed gratitude to the entire team involved in this process:

“Through a collaborative effort between AMS, the Town of Gilbert, and BIOBOX, we are excited to announce the successful launch of our first demonstration in the United States. This evaluation will allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness of the BIOBOX Nitrate technology in real-world conditions and move towards more sustainable solutions for Nitrate treatment in water.”

Murría stated.

The plant will be evaluated for the next three months. Extensive testing, analysis and continuous monitoring will be carried out. The results of this demonstration will play a crucial role in validating the technology in the United States and will contribute to the development of more effective environmental solutions

BIOBOX Nitratos en Gilbert
An Old West platoon ready to eliminate nitrate in the United States.

From BIOBOX, we express our gratitude to all parties involved in making this project possible. We are highly confident that this demonstration is just the beginning of a long journey ahead in the United States.

About BIOBOX Nitrate:

BIOBOX® Nitrate incorporates proprietary and patented biological denitrification technology, replicating the natural process for nitrate removal but in an intensified, controlled, and automated manner. Unlike traditional approaches such as reverse osmosis or ion exchange resins, BIOBOX Nitrate completely eliminates the contaminant by biologically transforming nitrates into harmless nitrogen gas for the environment and human health.

This technology, applicable to both drinking water and wastewater treatment, guarantees a yield of over 95%, without generating challenging-to-manage contaminant rejections or water losses. It also generates savings in operating and maintenance costs of over 50% compared to membrane technologies. Additionally, the technology is certified by the independent certifying body SGS. European Ministries of Health, such as Spain’s, have been approving projects with this technology since 2017.