New products showcase: BIOBOX Iron and Manganese in drinking water.

Discover BIOBOX® Iron & Manganese!. A proprietary technology capable of biologically removing ammonium from drinking water and wastewater. Description of equipment:

BIOBOX® is the new firm of compact Plug&Play plants, 100% automated for the treatment of drinking water, urban or industrial wastewater and reuse. With a B2B approach, the solutions offered are focused on treating small and medium-sized flows with unique problems and casuistry.

BIOBOX® technology has been implemented to address 9 types of contaminants present in drinking water, urban wastewater and industrial water.

Compact plant for the removal of iron and manganese: BIOBOX® Iron and Manganese:

BIOBOX® Iron and Manganese is a technical solution for the effective treatment of iron and manganese removal in a compact plant in container or skid format. It uses a much smaller surface area than other technologies on the market. This also leads to lower operating and associated investment costs.

It is a highly optimised process that uses a filter medium with a very high specific surface area (>1500 m2/m3). This material used is extremely porous, with very low pressure drop and improved surface characteristics that substantially improve the process.

Regarding the technology implemented in this solution, there are two possible approaches depending on the iron and manganese concentrations in the water to be treated:

The first is auto-catalytic oxidation, which works best with moderate concentrations of iron and manganese. This treatment is suitable for concentrations of less than 2 mg/l of mineral iron and 0.5 mg/l of manganese.

It is a technology capable of removing these pollutants at very low operating costs and with high efficiency and robustness.

Remove iron and manganese from drinking water
Results auto-catalytic oxidation of iron removal (Source: BIOBOX®)

The second treatment option consists of a preliminary process of particulation of the iron and manganese present in the water followed by a particular retention process with a specific filter medium. This treatment is suitable for concentrations higher than 2 mg/l of mineral iron and 0.5 mg/l of manganese.

Remove iron and manganese from drinking water
Remove high concentrations of iron and manganese from drinking water (Source: BIOBOX).

Advantages of the technology: BIOBOX Iron & Manganese

  • Less space required.
  • Use of specific filter material with Fe2O3 surface and auto-catalytic properties.
  • Long life span of the material (+ 10 years).
  • High filtration velocities: very compact plants.
  • No or very little water pre-conditioning required.
  • Optimised, robust and highly competitive design.
  • Rapid construction of the BIOBOX Iron and Manganese solution.
  • Remote control 4.0
  • Plug&Play plant.
  • 100% automated.
  • Carried out by water treatment experts with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.

BIOBOX® Ammonium has recently been included in the showcase of novelties of the specialised magazine It shows the latest equipment and solutions on the market. Link to the news