BIOBOX premiada como uno de los 10 + 10 ejemplos empresariales por el clima 2023

BIOBOX recognized as an business example #ForTheClimate 2023

At BIOBOX, we are proud to share the exciting news that we have been awarded the prestigious recognition of the “10 + 10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate” in its sixth edition. This achievement highlights our strong climate commitment and ambition, placing us among the leading companies in sustainability.

BIOBOX, one of the 10 Spanish SMEs highlighted for their commitment to the climate. #ForTheClimate 2023

Framed within the “10+10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate “, this initiative seeks to highlight the efforts of leading companies in the private sector that are leading the way in good practices towards sustainability. In this sixth edition, we join 20 other companies, ten large and ten SMEs, leading the transition to a low-carbon economy.

These examples demonstrate the commitment of companies in the fight against climate change. The #ForTheClimate initiative highlights and promotes actions that ensure the effective implementation of climate action in the Spanish business fabric.

Biological Denitrification in the Mar Menor LagoonBIOBOX Initiative #ForTheClimate 2023

BIOBOX has received this recognition for our outstanding contribution to the mitigation of pollution in the Mar Menor lagoon, in the region of Murcia, Spain. The initiative “Biological Denitrification in the Mar Menor of Murcia” has been praised for obtaining a high positive and sustainable impact in the fight against eutrophication and nitrate pollution.

Premiados 10 + 10 Ejemplos empresariales #PorElClima 2023
Awarded nominations 10 + 10 Actions #ForClimate2023
Fidel Navío, jefe de proyectos BIOBOX recogiendo el premio de 10 + 10 Ejemplo #PorElClima
BIOBOX #ForClimate 2023 Initiative

The patented technology, BIOBOX Nitrates, has proven its effectiveness by achieving more than 97% nitrate removal during the four-month pilot project. In addition to its positive environmental impact, we have been able to demonstrate the economic viability of the technology.

About BIOBOX Water S.L.

At BIOBOX, we specialize in the design and manufacture of compact plants for wastewater treatment or reuse. With our own technology and engineering, we offer customized and sustainable solutions, standing out for our automated “smart machine” approach, remote control 4.0 and sustainable technology.

This recognition reinforces our position as a benchmark in the implementation of sustainable practices, allowing access to highly advanced and innovative technologies to all types of companies.

Acknowledgements #ForTheClimate

We would like to express our deep gratitude to ECODES for creating this initiative and to the partners present in the driving group, such as Aclima, Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad, Forética, Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde, Pacto Mundial Red Española, Fundación Biodiversidad and Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico, for making this recognition possible.

We extend our gratitude to the allied companies that support this initiative: Caixa Bank, Iberdrola, Bankinter and BBVA. We would like to express our gratitude to the members of the jury who bet on our candidacy and to all the attendees and participants who contributed to make this achievement possible.

At BIOBOX, we remain committed to innovation and sustainability, working together #ForTheClimate.

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