Entrevista Rafael Álvarez en iAgua magazine 47

BIOBOX in iAgua Magazine 47: Rafael Álvarez, Managing Director of XYLEM Water Solutions Iberia, highlights Strategic Alliance to address Water Challenges

In an exclusive interview with iAgua Magazine 47, Rafael Álvarez, general manager of XYLEM Water Solutions Iberia, underlined the importance of the strategic alliance with BIOBOX Water S.L. in Spain and Portugal, focusing on the problem of indirect groundwater pollution.

Interview with Rafael Álvarez in iAgua Magazine 47:

In this interview, Rafael Álvarez, shared his thoughts on the strategic partnership with BIOBOX® and its innovative approach to tackling groundwater contamination:

We are excited about the strategic partnership we have forged with BIOBOX Water S.L., especially considering one of the great challenges we face in Spain: indirect groundwater contamination. In this context, the alliance takes on an even more relevant meaning, as BIOBOX® offers compact and complete solutions to address specific problems.

Rafael Álvarez, Managing Director of XYLEM Water Solutions Iberia, said.

The collaboration between Xylem, a world leader in water equipment and technology, and BIOBOX, a leading designer and manufacturer of compact and automated plants, marks a momentous milestone in the water treatment industry in the Iberian Peninsula and Portugal. From 2023 Xylem Water Solutions acts as a local partner of BIOBOX in Spain and Portugal under this strategic agreement.

The mission of BIOBOX Water S.L. is to provide advanced and sustainable water treatment solutions through the design, manufacture and commissioning of prefabricated and fully automated compact plants. The company is committed to offering innovative proprietary technologies, guaranteeing the effective removal of contaminants and the production of high quality treated water, with a special focus on making this advanced technology accessible to companies of all sizes, especially those with medium or low flow rates.

Interview with Rafael Álvarez (Source: iAgua Magazine 47)

Rafael Álvarez underlined the alliance’s focus on addressing specific problems with BIOBOX’s proprietary and patented technology:

We have started this year with a solution that addresses nitrate contamination of aquifers through a dedicated biological process with much lower operating costs than current conventional technologies. This partnership represents a step forward in innovation, sustainability and operational efficiency, providing advanced solutions that not only meet today’s standards, but also set new benchmarks in the water treatment industry in the region.

Rafael Álvarez, Managing Director of XYLEM Water Solutions Iberia, commented.

The combination of Xylem’s expertise in solving water-related challenges and BIOBOX’s cutting-edge technology is set to set new standards in the water treatment industry. The strategic alliance not only drives change in the water treatment industry in the Iberian Peninsula and Portugal, but also paves the way for a more sustainable future.

With advanced solutions, operational efficiency and a shared commitment to innovation, BIOBOX and Xylem are ready to lead the way to a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable environment for future generations.

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