The Wave Tech Expo 2024

BIOBOX at The Wave Tech Expo 2024

BIOBOX® as an innovative company in the European Business and Innovation Centre of Aragon (CEEI Aragon) has participated in the event The Wave Tech Expo 2024.

The Wave Tech Expo 2024

The first edition of this technological congress, whose slogan was “The company that does not ride this wave of innovation will be left behind”, brought together companies, experts and enthusiasts from the technology sector. During the event, various topics were addressed, from Artificial Intelligence to Mixed Reality, including blockchain, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

About BIOBOXWater S.L.

As a company committed to innovation and technology, BIOBOX® could not miss the opportunity to participate in this event. For the company, technological transformation is a means to improve and maintain its competitiveness in a constantly evolving market. The Wave Tech Expo 2024 represents a key opportunity to explore the most promising technologies that are about to revolutionise the current landscape.

BIOBOX® is an innovative Spanish company that manufactures prefabricated and fully automated compact plants for the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and reuse. It incorporates its own innovative and sustainable technology with a disruptive approach that makes advanced water treatment technology accessible to all types of companies, even those of a smaller size.

The company aims to remain at the forefront of innovation, incorporating the latest technologies to take this product to a new level.

«Our philosophy puts us at the forefront of innovation. We seek to make the best use of emerging tools and technologies that will allow us to identify points of improvement, encapsulate needs and find the most efficient ways to address problems, with short-term impacts.»

Says Joaquín Murría, Operations Director of BIOBOXWater S.L.


BIOBOX® would like to thank the CEEI Aragón, the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento and the Government of Aragón the organization. This event, which has fostered collaboration and growth in the technological field.

Also to our colleagues from CEEI Aragón, with whom we shared part of the event. Amelia Cantarero (Cristobal app) Mario Garcés (The MindKind), Marta Burillo (Moso3D), Alejandro García (Xelab), Raquel Moreno (Creo Digital), Álvaro Villacampa (EX24 | Legal) y Vault Systems

The Wave Tech Expo 2024 - Empresas CEEI
The Wave Tech Expo 2024
The Wave Tech Expo 2024 - Natalia Chueca

 The Wave Show. Tech Expo 2024
 The Wave Show. Tech Expo 2024
 The Wave Show. Tech Expo 2024