Conferencia anual de agua en Texas 2024

BIOBOX at Texas Water Annual Conference 2024.

From April 9th to April 12th, 2024, AMS showcased BIOBOX technology at the Texas Water Annual Conference.

Texas Water Annual Conference 2024.

The Annual Texas Water Conference is recognised as the leading water and wastewater meeting in the Southwest United States. It is an event supported by the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) and the Texas Water Works Association (Texas AWWA).

The AMS team participated as an exhibitor, presenting its portfolio of services which included state-of-the-art online analysers and the new advanced BIOBOX water treatment systems.

We are very pleased with the great reception and interest that the BIOBOX product has aroused among the Texas Water Annual Conference 2024 attendees.

Texas Water Annual Conference 2024
Texas Water 2024
L. Keith McLeroy from ECOLYSE, Inc. (left)
Sean Burke Director of Business Development from AMS (middle)
Rick Bacon CEO from AMS (right)
Texas Water Annual Conference 2024

AMS – BIOBOX Strategic Partnership

The strategic alliance between BIOBOX and the American company AMS started in May 2023 and has been active for almost a year so far.

These two companies are joining forces to bring BIOBOX’s advanced and sustainable solutions to the US market.

Their first endeavor is with BIOBOX Nitrate, a compact, containerized water treatment plant that offers utilities a fully automated, turnkey “intelligent nitrate treatment system” designed specifically for small and medium flow rates.

A key feature of the BIOBOX Nitrate system is its proprietary patented technology, which biologically transforms nitrates into nitrogen gas, completely removing the pollutant without generating difficult-to-manage rejects. This innovative approach to nitrate removal supports sustainable and affordable treatment.

A BIOBOX Nitrate system is being demonstrated in the Southwest US to showcase its effectiveness, final results will be available soon. After the demonstration, BIOBOX will receive validation from local authorities for nitrate removal from drinking water.

In this partnership, AMS is the US supplier of BIOBOX Nitrates plants, offering local knowledge, technical support and customer service. This allows US customers to work with a trusted partner who understands local water treatment regulations and standards.

For more information about BIOBOX Nitrates, visit: this link