Tratamiento de agua en minería

Water treatment and reuse in mining

Mining plays a crucial role in the global economy, but faces challenges in the treatment and reuse of its wastewater. This article addresses the situation and proposes viable solutions to overcome these challenges.

Water pollution in mining

The extraction of minerals and processing of materials requires large quantities of water. Whether for mining itself, cleaning equipment or the daily use of personnel, water is a vital resource in mining operations. Competition for water resources between the mining industry, agriculture and drinking water supply is a common challenge.

In addition, water pollution is another significant problem associated with mining. Wastewater generated by this activity often contains a wide variety of contaminants and mineral residues, including heavy metals, nitrates, iron, manganese, ammonium or organic matter. Without proper treatment, these chemicals and sediments released negatively impact aquatic ecosystems and human health.

How to reduce the environmental impact of mining?

Fortunately, in recent years, there has been a growing recognition by the mining industry of the importance of adopting more environmentally responsible practices. These companies need a continuous and reliable source of clean water to keep their business running. It has led them to adopt new working methods, solutions and technologies that reduce pollution and promote water reuse and recycling.

Water treatment in mining will play a crucial role in the future of this industry. The current trend is to reduce water extraction and use non-conventional water sources in mining production.

Planta compacta para el tratamiento de agua en minería - BIOBOX
Planta compacta para el tratamiento de aguas residuales en minería - BIOBOX
Planta compacta para la reutilización de agua en minería - BIOBOX

Water treatment equipment for mining companies

Mining operations are often located in areas that are difficult to access and in regions with extreme weather conditions. BIOBOX offers equipment specially designed for mining facilities. With a disruptive approach and technology that helps both the reuse of their water and the search for new alternative sources, either for the operation itself or to maintain their facilities and camps.

BIOBOX is a company that uses innovative proprietary technology to design, manufacture and commission prefabricated and fully automated compact plants for the treatment of drinking water, wastewater or water reuse.

Planta compacta para el tratamiento de agua en minería
Planta compacta para el tratamiento de agua en minería

One of the key advantages of BIOBOX is its proprietary, innovative and highly sophisticated technology. These optimized technologies are designed to achieve more effective contaminant removal and superior treated water quality compared to traditional alternatives. This means that BIOBOX solutions are highly competitive and leaders in their field.

Another attractive aspect for the mining industry is their compact and portable design. BIOBOX plants are usually designed in container format, so they can be easily transported and placed in remote locations without the need for civil works or the use of large surfaces. This feature not only reduces operating and investment costs, but also speeds up execution and start-up times.

In addition, BIOBOX plants are fully automated, which means that there is no need for continuous on-site operating personnel. All key parameters are constantly monitored and the plant can be accessed and controlled in real time from any device with an internet connection. A messaging alert system ensures that operating personnel are always informed and can take quick action when needed.

BIOBOX’s advanced automation makes the plants autonomous, optimizing resources, avoiding potential problems and enabling continuous improvement. In addition, the customized design of the plants ensures that they are adapted to the specific needs of each client, including water recovery and reuse. Recovered water can be reused in industrial processes, for irrigation or other uses.

BIOBOX plants comply with the strictest regulations and standards, ensuring efficient and reliable process operation.

The most commonly offered technologies for the mining industry are:

  • BIOBOX Nitrates: Technology that biologically transforms nitrates NO3into harmless nitrogen (N2) gas without returning nitrates to the water cycle. certified by SGS and accepted by health authorities.
  • BIOBOX Iron and Manganese: Technology capable of removing from 0.5 mg/l to more than 50 mg/L with low operating cost, without addition of chemicals.
  • BIOBOX Ammonium: biologically removes ammonia nitrogen with yields above 90% and with very low hydraulic retention time (HRT).
  • BIOBOX Organic Matter: Biological technology with a very low HRT and no sludge recirculation or settling. It is capable of treating both high and low concentrations.
  • BIOBOX Heavy Metals: Adsorption technologies without prior conditioning of the water or use of chemical products. High durability due to the large surface area of the material that generates a large isotherm.

BIOBOX solutions makes it possible to build plants that integrate different technologies in a single container or in several containers operating in series. The BIOBOX modular system adapts and grows according to the specific needs of each project.

Success stories: Water treatment plants for mines

BIOBOX has expertise and experience in the treatment of wastewater generated in mining activities. Take a look at this case study of a biological COD, nitrogen and phosphorus removal plant for a mining operation in Ecuador.

BIOBOX cuenta con conocimientos y experiencia en el tratamiento de agua residual generada en actividades mineras. Echa un vistazo a este caso de éxito de una planta de eliminación biológica de DQO, nitrógeno y fósforo del agua residual para una explotación minera en Ecuador.

Ecuador case study

Caso exito BIOBOX Ecuador
Caso exito BIOBOX Ecuador
Caso exito BIOBOX Ecuador

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