Biobox Nitrates

New products showcase: BIOBOX® Nitrates, biological denitrification

Are you looking for a compact solution to fully remove nitrates without generating pollutant rejections? Discover BIOBOX® Nitrates, the most innovative biological denitrification technology on the market!

Description of equipment:

BIOBOX® is the new firm of compact Plug&Play plants, 100% automated for the treatment of drinking water, urban or industrial wastewater and reuse. With a B2B approach, the solutions offered are focused on treating small and medium-sized flows with unique problems and causes. 

BIOBOX® was born as a result of an intense R&D&I effort and based on the experience and lessons learned by two leading companies in the sector, Ingeobras and Filtralite (Saint-Gobain). Both companies decided to combine their knowledge in engineering and research to propose a disruptive approach to the classic container solution.

BIOBOX® technology has been implemented to address 9 types of contaminants present in drinking water, urban wastewater and industrial water.

BIOBOX® Nitrates: Biological denitrification

BIOBOX® Nitrates integrates a proprietary patented technology called Puremust-SN® that biologically transforms nitrates into harmless nitrogen gas, completely eliminating the pollutant without contaminant rejections.

The same process that occurs in nature, intensified and automated.

Advantages of technology

  • Certified by SGS and many references over the years.
  • No pollutant rejects. NO3– removal performance above 95%
  • No residual COD in the treated water.
  • OPEX arounda 0,10 €/m3.
  • It is able to work correctly from 3oC water to 39oC water
  • Lower Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) (Less space – Less investment).
  • 100% automated and remote controlled.
  • Works with a stoichiometric dose of carbon: No need to oversize carbon or remove it after biofiltration.
  • Biological denitrification is a treatment produced by the natural action of bacteria. It is an environmentally friendly solution.

The keys to biofiltration with Puremust-SN®

Las claves de la biofiltración con Puremust-SN® Fuente: BIOBOX®

Need more information?

BIOBOX® Nitrates has recently been included in the showcase of new products of the specialised magazine It shows the latest equipment and solutions on the market. Link to the news