Planta BIOBOX en Dinamarca

New BIOBOX® “0 Discharge” project at Leca’s factory in Denmark.

A new BIOBOX® “0 Discharge” project will soon start at the Leca factory in Randers, Denmark.

The BIOBOX® technical team will design, execute and commission a plant that will perform the functions of:

  • Treatment of the plant’s wastewater for reuse.
  • Treatment of supply water, which changes source throughout the year.

What is the project about?

The Leca factory in Denmark is located in a natural environment, close to several lakes that supply the factory with water for the production of expanded clays.
This water is of sufficient quality for supply. However, in the summer season it is impossible to use this source because of environmental restrictions due to the breeding of a protected frog. Therefore, it is necessary to pump groundwater with iron and manganese content, which needs to be treated.
In this context, the BIOBOX® proposal is based on creating a system capable of treating water with iron and manganese from wells for the summer season. In addition to treating the wastewater – pre-purified in natural lagoons but with a heavy metal content and organic load that must be reduced in order to be reused.
In other words, it is proposed to implement a closed, zero-discharge circuit in which, instead of dumping the wastewater, it is reused and reintroduced into the system as a new input source.
With this design, the company is committed to sustainability and a horizon of sustainable growth and production.

Characteristics of the plant: “0 Discharge” reuse plant

The proposed plant is designed on two floors with 40-foot containers placed one on top of the other. The whole process is fully automatic, with no need for permanent operating personnel on site.

The system will treat the excess water from the pond in addition to the water needed from the current well to complete the required flow rate of 30 m3/h. The plant will be able to treat from 100% of the pond flow to 100% of the well flow.

BIOBOX double container for the leca factory Denmark
BIOBOX® double plant (Source: BIOBOX®)

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