Filtralite ETAP Pedraza

FILTRALITE® at the Pedraza DWTP, Segovia

Discover the success story of the Filtralite® filter media used in BIOBOX® Iron and Manganese technology:

The DWTP of the Community of Villa y Tierra of Pedraza is fed by water from the reservoir of the river Ceguilla. The concentration of iron and manganese in the reservoir in the late summer months made treatment complex and also limited the flow produced. In 2021, ACUAES, the plant manager, and ELECNOR SyP, the operator, replaced the sand in their filters with Filtralite® Pure filter media, used in BIOBOX® Iron and Manganese technology.

Results (Filtralite DWTP Pedraza) :

The results obtained with Filtralite / ETAP Pedraza after rigorous monitoring show that the choice was the right one:

  • Increased production capacity: The plant in summer has gone from being able to produce 220 m3/h with anthracite sand to 300 m3/h with Filtralite® Pure.
  • Reduction in the number of hours of operation of the DWTP: From eighteen hours in summer to the current thirteen and a half hours.
  • Reduced number of washes required: From two washes per day per filter with anthracite sand to once every two or three days with Filtralite® Pure.
  • Return on investment: In economic terms, the reduction in water consumption leads to a return on investment for the change from anthracite sand to Filtralite®Pure of almost one year.

In conclusion:

Filtralite® Pure has enabled the Pedraza DWTP to meet the objective of increasing production capacity by more than 30%, reducing OPEX and associated wash water and energy losses by more than 75%, and comfortably meeting the objective of eliminating iron and manganese, practically eliminating permanganate oxidation with permanganate.

Source: Filtralite report / Carlos de Juan Álvarez (Product Manager Iberia & LATAM) (Saint-Gobain).

Source: (original document) iAgua

Keywords: Filtralite DWTP Pedraza ; Biobox Iron & manganese ; drinking water.