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BIOBOX, ZINNAE’s new member to promote Efficient Water Management in Aragon

On September 25, 2023, BIOBOX officially announced its partnership with ZINNAE during the assembly of members of the ZINNAE cluster for efficient water use.

What is ZINNAE, the cluster for efficient water use?

Since 2010, ZINNAE has been the leading Aragonese cluster in the search for solutions to challenges related to the efficient use of water. Its mission is to contribute to sustainable development and resilience, following the principles of circular economy and smart society.

This non-profit association plays an essential role in promoting efficient water management and innovation in Aragon. Zinnae has been recognised as one of the eight clusters in Aragon by the Clusters 2020 Plan and is part of the Special Cluster Register of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. It has also been awarded the silver seal of the Cluster Excellence Initiative Europe since January 2023.

Zinnae, CEEI clusters building in Aragon
Cluster for the efficient use of water

ZINNAE’s Areas of Action include:

  • Innovation: ZINNAE works intensively to develop and bring innovative solutions to the market, collaborating with large companies, SMEs, research centres and public administrations in national and European innovation projects.
  • Influence in the water sector: Thanks to its outstanding experience, ZINNAE has become a benchmark in the field of knowledge and innovation in the water sector in Aragon. It actively contributes to improving public policies, identifies areas of opportunity and participates in strategic forums to promote advances in the sector.
  • Consolidation and attraction of talent: ZINNAE also focuses on the promotion of informative activities that boost job creation and the development of training skills. Its aim is to retain talent and train highly qualified professionals, capable of positively influencing efficient water management in the future.
  • Communication and other areas of work: ZINNAE acts as a loudspeaker that highlights achievements and news related to efficient water management. In addition, it fosters collaboration between different entities through its own network of associated companies and agreements with universities and training centres.

ZINNAE has the active participation of 44 partners, mostly companies, including mainly SMEs. In addition, important national and European organisations support its cause.

BIOBOX, new partner of the Aragonese Water Cluster ZINNAE

On 25 September 2023, BIOBOX officially joined ZINNAE, the leading water efficiency cluster in Aragon, as a partner during the general assembly of partners. This strategic partnership represents an important milestone in the history of BIOBOX and reinforces its commitment to innovation and collaboration as fundamental pillars of its success.

The union of BIOBOX with ZINNAE represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and resilient future in water management in Aragon, where innovation and collaboration are key to success. This partnership promises to contribute effectively to the shared goals of conservation and efficient use of this water resource.

BIOBOX at ZINNAE, the cluster for the efficient use of water
BIOBOX at ZINNAE, the cluster for the efficient use of water