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BIOBOX Nitrates: Featured Product in iAgua’s Marketplace

BIOBOX Nitrates has recently been added as a featured product in the specialized technical magazine iAgua’s Marketplace, a leading source for news and information in the water sector.

BIOBOX® NITRATES – Technology for Nitrate Removal in Water

At the core of our company lies BIOBOX® Nitrates technology, a biological denitrification process that we have developed and optimized over the years in our own Innovation and Development center. This patented and SGS-certified technology represents a significant milestone in our research for sustainable water management solutions. Since 2017, several European Ministries of Health, including Spain’s, have approved projects based on this technology.

BIOBOX Nitrates transforms nitrates in drinking or wastewater into harmless nitrogen gas through a biological process, completely eliminating nitrates without producing polluting byproducts.

BIOBOX Open Container - water treatment plants

What makes this solution unique?

Unlike conventional technologies like reverse osmosis, which reintroduce nitrates into the water cycle and involve high energy and operational costs, BIOBOX Nitrates achieves the complete removal of these pollutants without generating waste that is difficult to manage. In addition, it significantly reduces water and energy consumption and leads to considerably lower operating costs.

BIOBOX Nitrates is a solution that mimics the natural nitrate removal process, but intensifies, controls and automates it.

Some key advantages of BIOBOX Nitrates include:

  • Economic Savings: We offer significantly lower operating and investment costs than traditional alternatives, which translates into lower operating costs.
  • High Performance: We achieve over 95% nitrate removal, ensuring effective water purification.
  • Zero Rejects: We eliminate nitrates without generating additional contaminants.
  • Pure Water: We guarantee that treated water contains no COD residues, ensuring optimal quality. At least 98% of the water entering the plant exits treated.
  • Efficient Consumption: Our technology operates effectively with a stoichiometric dose of carbon, maximizing available resources.
  • Biological Safety: The bacteria used are natural, safe, and harmless to health (Group 1).
  • Temperature Versatility: We can operate within a wide range of water temperatures, from 3°C to 39°C.
  • Greater Efficiency: We offer a reduced Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) for faster treatment.
  • Compact and Portable Design: Our technology is available in skid or Plug & Play container format, reducing costs, space, and execution times. Additionally, we offer special customized solutions for specific cases.
  • No Civil Works Required: As a prefabricated and compact design, we eliminate the need for expensive civil works.
  • Ease of Transportation: Our technology is easily transportable for implementation in remote locations.
  • Advanced Automation: Our plants are fully automated with an advanced automation system, developed through years of research and real-world testing.
  • Remote Control: We offer the ability to monitor and control our plants remotely from any internet-connected device, eliminating the need for continuous on-site qualified personnel.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We guarantee compliance with the strictest regulations, avoiding sanctions and legal issues related to water pollution.
  • Adaptability: Our technology is modular and adaptable to the specific needs of each customer, with the ability to grow alongside the project.
  • Environmental Commitment: At BIOBOX Water S.L., we are committed to sustainable growth and clean processes. Our technologies have an ecological focus, minimizing water consumption and the generation of polluting waste.

BIOBOX and Xylem Water Solutions Spain SLU

We are proud to have the support of Xylem Water Solutions as the distributor of BIOBOX plants in Spain and Portugal. This strategic alliance brings together two industry-leading brands with expertise in water treatment, engineering, and digitalization. Backed by a strong legacy of innovation, this collaboration positions BIOBOX at the forefront of the market, guaranteeing first-class solutions.

Xylem and BIOBOX - Water treatment plants in Spain and Portugal

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