BIOBOX en la revista de iAgua - iAgua magazine 46

BIOBOX in iAgua Magazine 46: Compact Water Treatment Plants

BIOBOX Water S.L. has been featured in the 46th issue of the prestigious iAgua Magazine for its pioneering role in the water treatment revolution for medium flows.

iAgua Magazine:

iAgua’s technical magazine includes a prominent section known as “iAgua Magazine,” which has already published 46 fascinating issues, each addressing a specific theme in the field of water. In this latest edition, number 46, the focus is on the digitization of the water cycle, providing a comprehensive perspective on how the water sector is undergoing its digitization process in all areas

In addition to being available online, this magazine is distributed in print format to an extensive network of companies, agents, and stakeholders dedicated to water treatment.

Summary of the report on BIOBOX in iAgua Magazine 46:

The article introduces BIOBOX Water S.L., a company that has introduced to the market an innovative solution for the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and water reuse, all for medium flow rates. Unlike other providers, BIOBOX focuses on making advanced technologies accessible to effectively remove contaminants and meet water treatment standards.

The company manufactures customized water treatment plants that are unique in the market, as they integrate their own engineering and process. They use technologies developed by in their innovation and development center. These technologies have a track record of successful cases and are backed by years of innovation and lessons learned.

A highlight is the “smart machine” design of BIOBOX plants, which use advanced monitoring and parameter adaptation systems. This ensures their operation, optimizes resources, and reduces costs and execution times. The idea is for the plant to be virtually autonomous, without the need for continuous operational staff at the plant, and it can be controlled remotely.

Strategic partnerships:

Despite being launched in the market only a year and a half ago, the product has shown great potential and has established agreements with multinational companies and distributors in different countries. The company has strategic alliances with industry leaders such as Xylem Water Solutions and Filtralite, part of the Saint-Gobain group, as the provider of the biological carrier made from expanded clay for biofiltration.

BIOBOX Products:

BIOBOX offers a wide range of advanced technologies to address different challenges in water treatment, from the removal of nitrates and ammonium to the elimination of iron and manganese or turbidity. Their sustainable approach, cutting-edge technology, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders position them as a preferred choice to ensure a clean and safe water supply in today’s world.

Full Article:

To read the full article and learn more about BIOBOX’s water treatment solutions, visit this link. (Pages 152 – 155)