BIOBOX: Highlighted by ABC for removing heavy metals from water.

BIOBOX: Highlighted by ABC for the removal of heavy metals from water

The digital newspaper ABC highlights the work of BIOBOX® as a Spanish company specialized in creating innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions to remove heavy metals from water and promote its reuse, thereby reducing pollution and associated costs.

Heavy metals in drinking and wastewater

The presence of heavy metals in drinking and wastewater represents a danger to both health and the environment. These contaminants can be released due to natural causes or as a result of human activities, such as industry and mining. For this reason, Spanish companies are leading the research in innovative and sustainable technologies to address this challenge. These solutions aim to reduce pollution, minimize associated costs, and promote water reuse, complying with increasingly strict regulations.

Removing heavy metals from water - article published by ABC - illustrative image
Removing heavy metals from water

Among the most prominent proposals in this field is BIOBOX Water S.L., a company specialized in the construction of compact water treatment plants, specifically designed for small and medium flow rates. BIOBOX® is dedicated to the development of water treatment technologies and manufactures prefabricated and automated compact plants for drinking water, wastewater, and water reuse.

BIOBOX open container
BIOBOX closed container

BIOBOX® Heavy Metals, Leading Plants in Removing Heavy Metals from Water.

The BIOBOX® plants are the result of extensive research, development, and innovation supported by years of experience and learning. The company’s philosophy focuses on making the most advanced technology in the market accessible to customers with medium or low flow rates, enabling them to access solutions that were previously only available for large-scale plants and investments. Its focus is on providing customized, cost-effective and efficient solutions in a minimum footprint.

“We are democratizing technologies and making them more cost-competitive, both in terms of investment and operation”

Sofia Quintana, spokeswoman for BIOBOX®Water® company, emphasizes

Currently, the company offers nine specialized solutions for treating different contaminants found in drinking and wastewater. One of their product lines focuses exclusively on the removal of different types of heavy metals, such as chromium, zinc, cadmium, iron, manganese, arsenic, copper, or nickel.

BIOBOX water treatment plant
BIOBOX® water treatment plant (Source: BIOBOX®))

BIOBOX® primarily utilizes adsorption technologies that offer high durability due to the large surface area of a specific material in their filters, resulting in a significant isotherm. This technology is simple, cost-effective, and efficient, without the need for chemical products or pre-conditioning of water. Additionally, it has been validated in Norway under extreme conditions and stringent requirements.

Automation of compact plants for the removal of heavy metals from water

These plants are typically distributed in a “Plug & Play” format in containers, although they can also be adapted to customer facilities or larger-scale projects that require civil works. The design offered by BIOBOX® is personalized, compact, and portable, and it is sold prefabricated to avoid costly civil works, reduce the required space, operating costs, investment, and accelerate execution and commissioning times.

In addition, a crucial aspect of these solutions is their focus on being a “Smart Machine.” BIOBOX® features an advanced automation system that is the result of years of research, development, and testing in pilot and full-scale plants. This means that BIOBOX® plants are fully automated, enabling remote monitoring and control. This eliminates the need for permanent on-site operational staff and ensures efficient process control from any internet-connected device. Advanced automation is a key factor in the success of BIOBOX® as it optimizes resources and ensures reliable and efficient plant operation.

These solutions, primarily targeted at the B2B market, are available for both private industries and the public sector, as well as water management companies. BIOBOX® is committed to addressing specific issues by identifying the root cause at its innovation and development center and providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients.

To access the full article published by ABC, click here (Author of the article published by ABC: Claudia Villena).