BIOBOX Chile and Simtech Ltda. achieve an important project to improve the final treatment at a wastewater treatment plant in Cabildo, Valparaíso region.

BIOBOX Chile® together with SIMTECH Ltda. propose an innovative technical solution for the excess ammonium generated in the effluent of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the commune of Cabildo.

Project Description: Compact Water Treatment Plant in Cabildo, Chile

This project consists of the design, fabrication, installation, start up and monitoring of a prefabricated containerized BIOBOX NH4+ (Ammonium) plant that will be used as a tertiary treatment stage of an aerated lagoon.

The plant is designed to treat an input of 78 ppm of ammonium at a flow rate of 12 m3/h. After treatment, it will be able to achieve 90% ammonium removal by autotrophic biological means.

Proyecto BIOBOX cabildo Chile

This plant is only a third part of a larger project, consisting of three containerized modules, which will be capable of treating three times the flow rate of 36 m3/h.

This first container, in addition to being used as a service to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology, will be the first of the modules of the final plant.

Compact ammonium removal plant with BIOBOX Ammonium Technology

With BIOBOX, we propose a disruptive approach to classical ammonium removal technologies. BIOBOX Ammonium integrates an advanced proprietary biological technology.

These technologies search for selectivity in the removal of interferents in the quality of treated effluents in different types of water.

It is true that there are many suppliers of membrane solutions (Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration) in containers. However, they are not recommended for wastewater because of biofouling problems in the membrane. They are also solutions with high initial investment and process costs, with rejections of concentrated pollutants that are difficult to manage and with a lot of civil works.

The water treatment systems developed by BIOBOX are the result of a deep knowledge of the offered process, studied from its laboratory base and brought to industrial scale through patents and certified processes in commercial phase.

BIOBOX aims to make available to all types of companies advanced technologies whose alternatives are only available to large plants and investors. The treatment processes developed are clean and environmentally friendly.

BIOBOX technologies are subjected to a demanding analysis that compares the solution with the alternatives on the market. If it is not better than the existing solution, it is not commercialized.

Compact plant for ammonium removal from wastewater.

Like all the plants offered by BIOBOX, the design of the treatments is customized in the smallest possible space. The objective of this project is to build the plant inside a 20ft container.

The compact plant format design allows a large part of the project to be built in BIOBOX’s own facilities, reducing execution times to a minimum. This reduces the investment costs of the overall solution and avoids the need for on-site civil works.

In other words, the plant is delivered fully pre-assembled and completely finished, ready for commissioning to start treating water.

100% automated plant with no need for permanent operating personnel.

The project aims to make the solution both technically and economically profitable, in addition to being environmentally friendly.

It will be 100% automated and key parameters will be constantly monitored. The system integrates flow, pressure, ammonium and pH measurements that will be sent to the automation software and generate alarms if they are not within the appropriate parameters. The status of the plant can be visualized and controlled in real time from any device with an internet connection.

One of the great advantages of the fully automated process is that it does not require continuous operating personnel in the plant. It is a very convenient solution for the user, since it is the plant itself that sends by messaging (Mail, Whatsapp, … ) an alert in case of any need.

All this results in an optimization of resources and a reduction of the reaction time and operating costs associated with the solution.

Local partners: Agreement between BIOBOX and the Chilean company SIMTECH S.L.

The Chilean company Simtech Ltda. is the official supplier for the distribution of BIOBOX equipment and local support for installation, maintenance or additional plant requirements.

Simtech Ltda. is a Chilean company with more than 25 years of experience offering equipment supply, installation services, commissioning, start-up and catchment in different areas of water treatment. The company focuses on providing its customers with reliable equipment and is committed to innovative solutions that bring added value to the market..

The strategic alliance between BIOBOX S.L. and SIMTECH Ltda. allows Chilean customers to count on a trusted local reference, who is in continuous contact with BIOBOX’s technical and commercial team

Simtech S.L. is in charge of customer contact and support throughout the project, as well as offering maintenance services or managing additional plant requirements.