BIOBOX candidate to the 10 + 10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate

BIOBOX presents itself as a candidate for the 10+10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate, an initiative that highlights the climate commitment of companies.

10+10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate

The initiative “The 10 + 10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate” recognizes the climate commitment and ambition of 10 large companies and 10 SMEs. The initiative seeks to highlight the concrete actions that companies are taking to address the urgency of the climate crisis and promote sustainable decarbonization measures.

In its sixth edition in 2023, the campaign is looking for initiatives that drive economic and social transformation, creating growth and employment opportunities in various sectors, always with a long-term sustainable vision.

BIOBOX’s application

The company has decided to apply for the 10 + 10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate to highlight the potential of its innovative technology, BIOBOX Nitrates, and its contribution to a real success story: the recovery of the Mar Menor lagoon in the Murcia region, Spain.

BIOBOX Nitrates technology is an advanced technological solution that uses bacteria to efficiently convert nitrates into harmless nitrogen gas, completely removing nitrates from the water cycle without generating polluting discharges or consuming water or energy. BIOBOX replicates the natural process in an automated and intensified way.

If you would like to learn more about our candidacy and discover in detail how BIOBOX is addressing climate challenges through BIOBOX Nitrates technology, we invite you to visit our candidacy on the official website of the 10 + 10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate. Additionally, we greatly appreciate your support for this initiative and invite you to show your endorsement by giving a “Like” to our candidacy.

We are proud to be part of this selection of companies committed to climate change. At BIOBOX, we are committed to innovation and sustainability, and we firmly believe that businesses can play a crucial role in protecting the environment and building a more resilient future in the face of climate change. Together, we can make a difference and work towards a more sustainable world for future generations.

BIOBOX application: 10+10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate
BIOBOX’s application 10+10 Business Examples #ForTheClimate