(AMS) Aqua Metrology Systems y BIOBOX en USA

BIOBOX arrives in the United States with Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS)

BIOBOX Water arrives in the United States thanks to a strategic alliance with Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS), a California-based company that will be the BIOBOX supplier.

Through the relationship between BIOBOX Water and Aqua Metrology Systems, Ltd. (AMS), BIOBOX technology is introduced in the U.S. market to address nitrate contamination in drinking water, urban wastewater and industrial water. BIOBOX Nitrates technology offered is based on selective bioremediation treatments, with no water rejection. The partnership will offer a fully automated, turnkey “smart nitrate treatment system”.

The added value of BIOBOX Nitrates technology

Unlike costly traditional reverse osmosis treatment systems, which consume a lot of energy and produce a toxic waste stream, BIOBOX is energy efficient, produces no toxic waste and has a much lower lifetime cost, making it attractive to cost-conscious and environmentally conscious municipal customers. The BIOBOX™ system can be quickly installed at the thousands of sites in North America where nitrates endanger human health and the environment.

According to Rick Bacon, manager of Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS)

“Our partnership with BIOBOX is based on our shared commitment to improve access to clean water and reduce the water treatment industry’s impact on the environment through innovative, cost-effective solutions backed by exceptional customer service and support. BIOBOX™ fits perfectly with our growth strategy in North America, and the technology complements our expanding presence in water treatment.”

Rick Bacon, CEO of Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS)

As a fully automated and SGS and NSF certified biological denitrification solution for the treatment of drinking water, urban or industrial wastewater and reuse, BIOBOX™ has been successfully installed in several applications in Spain and Chile.
Joaquín Murría Martín, CEO of BIOBOX, added:

“The BIOBOX™ technology is highly effective because it transforms nitrates into harmless nitrogen gas in the same way nature does, while ensuring a nitrate removal efficiency of over 95% with no toxic waste products. We are delighted to partner with Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) and offer a transformative, intelligent and reliable nitrate treatment solution for nitrate treatment.”

Joaquín Murría, CEO of BIOBOX Water S.L.

BIOBOX and Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) will jointly exhibit the BIOBOX™ nitrate removal solution and the Instran™ online nitrate analyzer at the Arizona AWWA Annual Conference in Phoenix, May 9-11, 2023.

Rex Sistek, Business Development Manager at AMS and Joaquín Murría, CEO of BIOBOX Water S.L.

Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) BIOBOX USA Supplier

Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS), based in Sunnyvale, California, was founded in 2007 with the conviction that water quality analysis and remediation are essential to environmental protection.

AMS develops and markets real-time, on-line remediation analytical solutions to predict, monitor and treat regulated contaminants in drinking water, process water and wastewater.

Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) is transforming the way water is treated through a portfolio of innovative technologies in the municipal and industrial sectors with THMs and trace metal contaminants of concern. The AMS Analytics division encompasses its on-line analytical instrumentation. It provides high-frequency, predictive, accurate and reliable water quality data, essential information for environmental protection. It is high-frequency, predictive, accurate and reliable data that is essential to ensure that treatment systems operate efficiently and meet regulatory and performance standards.

The strategic alliance between BIOBOX and Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) allows U.S. customers to work with a trusted partner that also provides local support for installation and maintenance of BIOBOX equipment.

BIOBOX Water S.L. manufacturers of compact water treatment plants

BIOBOX is a Spanish company that, with its own innovative technology, designs, manufactures and implements prefabricated and 100% automated compact plants for the treatment of drinking water, wastewater or reuse. The solutions are custom-designed especially for small and medium flow rates.

BIOBOX’s philosophy is based on making available to all types of companies advanced technology whose alternatives are only available to large plants and investors. Our specialty is to provide customers with the treatment they need with a customized solution, designed in the smallest possible space and without the need for continuous operating personnel in the plant.

There are many suppliers of containerized solutions that are mere assemblers of traditional technology. However, BIOBOX manages to make available to all types of companies an advanced and sustainable proprietary technology, much more efficient than the traditional technologies offered in the market.

Innovative compact plants are manufactured with the objective of overcoming the limitations of these traditional technologies; high process and maintenance costs or the elimination of concentrated pollutant rejects, which are difficult to manage.

BIOBOX is a unique company, capable of covering the entire process without depending on third parties.

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