BIOBOX and Xylem, small compact water treatment plants

Exclusive interview of to Joaquín Murría and David Ambrona, operations director of BIOBOX and David Ambrona, technical director of Xylem Iberia.

Interview with Joaquín Murría and David Ambrona about BIOBOX

In a strategic alliance that promises to transform the water treatment landscape, BIOBOX Water and Xylem Iberia are joining forces to offer innovative solutions in the field of compact water treatment plants. Last September, XYLEM Water Solutions Spain announced its exclusive partnership with BIOBOX Water for the distribution of its equipment in Spain and Portugal. This agreement not only marks a merger of leading brands in the sector, but also represents a joint commitment to meet the challenges of water in the 21st century.

In an exclusive interview granted to, Joaquín Murría, Chief Operating Officer of BIOBOX, and David Ambrona, Technical Director of Xylem Iberia, reveal the details behind this collaboration. From the structure of the collaboration to the proprietary technology developed by BIOBOX, every aspect of this interview offers an insider’s view of how these two leading companies are joining forces to deliver innovative and efficient water treatment solutions.

Overview of the content of the interview:

Benefits of the Xylem and BIOBOX Collaboration

In the first part of the interview, David Ambrona explores how the collaboration between BIOBOX and Xylem Iberia is structured and the benefits of this agreement for both parties, as well as for their customers. Xylem, with its focus on complete solutions and commitment to sustainability, finds in BIOBOX a partner that offers technological and sustainable processes to address today’s water treatment challenges.

BIOBOX Approach and Advantages

Joaquín Murría reveals the main focus of BIOBOX and the advantages of its solutions compared to traditional alternatives in the market. BIOBOX stands out as a compact, plug&play water treatment plant focused mainly on small and medium-sized populations with specific problems such as nitrates, turbidity, ammonium and others. Its focus on sustainability, automation and energy efficiency distinguishes it in the market.

Proprietary BIOBOX technology

David Ambrona discusses the crucial role played by the proprietary technology developed by BIOBOX in differentiating these solutions in the market. The ability to tailor treatment processes to the specific needs of each customer, combined with advanced technologies such as ozone, ultraviolet and depth filtration, makes BIOBOX a unique and adaptable option.

Automation of Water Treatment Plants BIOBOX

Joaquín explores the role of automation in BIOBOX plants and how it contributes to the efficiency and reliability of the water treatment process. Automation is central to the BIOBOX philosophy, ensuring process quality and reducing failures, plant personnel, electrical and chemical consumption.

BIOBOX Water Treatment Plant Customization

David describes the process of designing and adapting BIOBOX solutions to specific customer needs. Each design is unique and tailored to the characterization of the water to be treated, allowing for greater precision and efficiency in treatment.

BIOBOX: Drought Solutions

Joaquín highlights how BIOBOX technology helps to combat severe droughts by transforming poor quality water into high quality water in a sustainable and efficient manner, without rejects and with low energy consumption.

BIOBOX and Royal Decree Compliance

David addresses the new parameters of the Royal Decree, with special focus on turbidity, explaining how BIOBOX addresses these requirements without the need for membranes, ensuring sustainability and process efficiency.

References and success stories BIOBOX

Joaquín shares a relevant success story in Calaf, Catalonia, where BIOBOX has had a significant impact on water quality and water resource management, offering a sustainable and efficient solution.

International network of BIOBOX distributors

Joaquín explains the evolution of BIOBOX since its launch and the current expansion plans, including the entry into international markets such as the United States, Chile and New Zealand, where the demand for sustainable solutions is growing.

Long-term vision of BIOBOX

Finally, David talks about the long-term vision of BIOBOX in terms of innovation, technological development and contribution to the water treatment sector, highlighting sustainability, digitalisation and continuous improvement as guiding principles.

From automation to customisation and sustainability, the collaboration between BIOBOX and Xylem represents a significant breakthrough in water treatment, offering innovative and efficient solutions to address water challenges in the 21st century.