BIOBOX and Simtech Ltda. at the 1st Symposium on “Nutrient Removal and Recovery in Wastewater” AIDIS Chile

In a joint effort with our Chilean partner, Simtech Ltda, we had the honor of participating in the 1st Symposium on “Nutrient Removal and Recovery in Wastewater“. The event, organized by AIDIS Chile – Wastewater Division DIASE brought together leading academics in the country in the field of water treatment, with companies from industrial and sanitary sectors. The event was held on August 24, 2023 in Santiago, Chile.

Topic Presented: Bioremediation – Innovation in Ammonia Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in Wastewater

During the symposium, Jennifer Yhon, a leading Development and Process Engineer of Simtech. Ltd. took the initiative to present a talk on “Bioremediation: the new BIOBOX technology for ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus removal in wastewater“. Her talk was focused on the introduction of BIOBOX technology and on providing direct information about BIOBOX success stories, as well as a new project to be carried out in Chile.

Poster of the 1st Symposium on "Nutrient Removal and Recovery in Wastewater". Organized by AIDIS Chile
1st Symposium on “Nutrient Removal and Recovery in Wastewater”. Organized by AIDIS Chile
Jennifer Yhon at the 1st Symposium on "Nutrient Removal and Recovery in Wastewater". The event, organized by AIDIS Chile
BIOBOX and Simtech Ltda. at the 1st Symposium on “Nutrient Removal and Recovery in Wastewater”. Organized by AIDIS Chile

BIOBOX: The Innovative Solution for Biological Treatment

BIOBOX Water S.L. is dedicated to the development of advanced water treatment technologies, manufacturing compact, automated and prefabricated plants designed to address challenges in the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and water reuse. Its specialized focus lies in the creation, production and commissioning of containerized water treatment plants designed specifically for small to medium flow rates. BIOBOX products have proven to be highly innovative and effective, standing out compared to conventional systems. By incorporating proprietary technologies, BIOBOX systems achieve maximum performance and exceptional cost-effectiveness. For example, this system is capable of removing more than 90% of high ammonium concentrations, while occupying only half the space required by traditional alternatives. In addition to its advantages in terms of investment and operating costs, BIOBOX stands out as one of the most advanced, selective and cost-effective approaches to tertiary water treatment.

Commitment to Sustainability and Excellence

BIOBOX Water S.L.’s commitment to sustainability and excellence is powerfully reflected in its revolutionary approach to water treatment. Through its innovative line of prefabricated plants, BIOBOX is leading a significant change in the way we address the challenges of water pollution and environmental preservation. Its pioneering technology, represented by products such as BIOBOX Ammonium, BIOBOX Nitrates and BIOBOX Phosphorus, or their combination, demonstrates its commitment to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of human health and ecosystems.

What sets BIOBOX apart from other suppliers is its disruptive approach, which makes technologies previously exclusive to large projects available to all types of companies. In addition, the insightful vision of “Smart Machine” incorporated in its design makes the systems fully automated and allows remote control to the plant from any device with internet connection. From BIOBOX Water S.L. we work hard to achieve a sustainable future, where excellence in water treatment is the cornerstone for a cleaner and healthier world.

Simtech Ltda. local partner of BIOBOX in Chile

BIOBOX collaborates with the Chilean company Simtech Ltda. as a supplier of BIOBOX technology in Chile. This strategic alliance brings a number of substantial advantages to Chilean customers, including:

  • Local knowledge and experience: As a local supplier with a strong track record in water treatment, Simtech Ltda. understands the specific particularities and challenges that may arise in the Chilean environment. The BIOBOX team maintains constant communication with Simtech Ltda., working closely together to provide solutions tailored to the needs of customers in the country.
  • Access and contact from Chile: For our customers in Chile, the availability of local support and the possibility to quickly access a close and efficient technical support is of vital importance. This represents a great added value and a guarantee, since in case of any need, Simtech Ltda. experts specialized in BIOBOX can come personally to the site.
  • Complementary services: Thanks to this agreement, we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive and complete “all-in-one” solution, as the Simtech Ltda. team can offer additional services, such as ongoing plant maintenance and management of additional requirements.

We sincerely thank the DIASE Wastewater Division of AIDIS Chile for organizing such an enriching and meaningful event in the field of water management and environmental preservation. We also greatly thank all the attendees of the event for their interest in this solution.

For any additional questions or for more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.