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BIOBOX®Ammonium Webinar

BIOBOX®Amonium Webinar :discover an innovative biological technology with yields above 90%.

Event information:

  • Date: 18 – October- 2022
  • Start time: 16:00 Hours (CET)
  • Event end time: 16:40 Hours (CET)
  • Language: English
  • Location: Online

Recording of the event:

BIOBOX Ammonium Webinar

Speakers at the event:

Joaquín Murría Martín

BIOBOX® Operations Manager

Sofía Quintana Sanjuán

BIOBOX® Marketing Manager: Moderator

Carlos de Juan Alvarez

BIOBOX® Business Development Manager

Event description: BIOBOX®Ammonium Webinar

Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4/ NH3 is a common contaminant in drinking water, surface water, groundwater and wastewater. The WHO sets a limit of 0.5 mg/L of ammonium in drinking water and 15 mg/l of total nitrogen in wastewater discharges for populations of ten and one hundred thousand inhabitants. However, it is common to find levels of N- NH4+ > 0,5 mg/L in surface sources of drinking water and wastewater discharges that do not comply with the regulations.

In this webinar, experts in water treatment will give an overview of the existing technologies to remove this pollutant, mainly in drinking water, explaining in detail the BIOBOX® biofiltration technology. In addition, you will learn first-hand about the successful case of the pilot project carried out at the drinking water treatment plant in Pelayos de la Presa, Canal de Isabel II (Madrid, Spain) to remove ammonia nitrogen.

It is a very interesting opportunity for those end users or suppliers looking for more efficient solutions – in CAPEX and OPEX – to remove ammonia nitrogen from their water and “plug&play” type containerised water treatment plants.

Topics to be discussed in the BIOBOX®Amonium Webinar : BIOBOX Ammonium , Drinking water treatment, Wastewater treatment, Case study , DWTP Pelayos de la Presa , Canal Isabel II, INGEOBRAS , FILTRALITE,

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