Biological denitrification DWTP project in La Eliana (Valencia, Spain)

06 April 2022

The local water production and distribution company, Altos Riegos S.L., based in La Eliana, Valencia, was having problems with the removal of high nitrate concentrations in drinking water. It was looking for a sustainable alternative with lower operating and investment costs, no rejects and lower energy consumption. In addition, BIOBOX® took on the challenge of adapting its technical proposal to an existing installation, in a reduced space.

This adaptation involved the realization of a specific design adapted to the space requirements. Similarly, major civil works were required for the required biological and refining filters. Also for the dry chamber where the installation is now located.

The result was successful. BIOBOX® was able to provide the local company with a fully automated plant. The plant is 4.0 enabled, capable of treating a flow rate of 65 m3/h in less than 30 m2.

In order to optimize processes, save costs, promote customer comfort and facilitate installation, the plant was prefabricated at the BIOBOX® innovation and development center. This decision allowed the customer to continue with its normal activity during the 3 weeks of construction.

Once completed, the plant was transported for final installation. The necessary electrical and water piping connections were made at the destination. The plant automation tasks and integration with existing systems were also carried out at destination.

In conclusion, thanks to the combination of two of the areas of expretise BIOBOX®: water engineering and new technologies, it has been possible to create a tailor-made plant adapted to the client’s facilities that complies with current regulations and guarantees an optimal quality of service.

Technologies used:

Plant characteristics:

  • Design flow rate: 65m3/h
  • Input Nitrate Concentration: 60 – 70 mg/l
  • Outlet nitrate concentration: < 40 mg/l (RD140/2003 requires less than 50)
  • Filter material: Filtralite®
  • Innovative technology developed and patented by: Ingeobras

Plant design steps:

Biological Denitrification
Ultraviolet Treatment
Fine-tuning to remove suspended solids
Final disinfection by Sodium Hypochlorite